Music Classes to the global audience

This is an introductory post to the flute classes that I have been conducting in Chennai directly to aspiring music enthusiasts as well as over the internet using web-based tools like like skype and video chat, over several years …

Here is a sample link :

My classes are typically customised based on the learning skills of the student, and his level of efforts and innate musical-sense. There have been high level students who learn 20- 25 times as fast as an average learner.

Some of the unique aspects of my teaching (if I can call them unique) are a sound grounding in the theory, in the physics of music (for the student who has a science knowledge base to understand them) a grounding of music though based South Indian traditions, is not exclusive of the specialities  of certain related types of music like typically North Indian music. In short I feel that a student of music can be open to get influenced by related traditions and sometimes even enrich his musical understanding and experience by listening and appreciating good points of  other types of music (good means here ‘that which gives a pleasant audio experience to the listener’ )  

The learning also depends on what the students objective is, and there can be definitely an interactive engagement with the student initially before we decide what the students objectives are and where I am positioned to deliver what he would enjoy … I would not hesitate to recommend the student to someone else, for his (or her) learning if necessary. 

For some of my recent students I have combined the flute classes with some breathing practices, (based on ‘pranayama’ or traditional ancient Indian health practices )  and a few of these students also have found that this also helps them with their stress management.

A practice or even a ‘listening session’  of music many times helps the ‘stress problem’ and in some customising of my classes, some people have benefitted from this.  

I do facilitate classes in music in other areas like vocal music etc – though I specialise mainly in flute. Students interested in these areas also could get in touch with me, to work out a customised program, in association with other partners and music teachers.

K. Bhaskaran

Chennai – INDIA

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2 Responses to Music Classes to the global audience

  1. K. Bhaskaran has been more than a Guru to me. He has been an inspiration in several ways. I have been his student right from 1998 and he continued to teach me through internet (Skype) when I came to Germany in 2007. His simple yet effective method of teaching has made me understand music and not just learn them as rules. And for many a times, he has taught me how to bend the rules to create more exemplary music. Most of all, it is his creativity has been a constant attraction to me.

    With pranams and deepest respect,

    Prasanna Venkatesh.
    PhD student, Max Planck Institute for Bioinorganic chemistry,

  2. Aneesh Kumar says:

    I am very happy now that I got a good guru for learning Flute through Skype.
    Thanks a lot for accepting me as your student, and showing your patience and care for teaching me the divine music.
    I would like to be your student for long periods.
    May God bless you and family.

    With regards,
    Aneesh Kumar

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