USA, New opportunities for students of flute

I would be performing some concerts and lecture-demos in Indian Cultural Associations, in the month of Jun / Jul 2011 in USA.  See flyer

Bhaskaran NJ 11-Jun-2011[2] 

Interested students can also attend my concerts and lec-demos which would be mainly in the Boston, NJ, NY, MD, PA, areas. I would also be bringing a few flutes so that if someone in say NJ, NY or MD wants to arrange initiation into flute lessions which I they could continue over VOIP, the foundation can be laid.  

Music lovers, and Indian music who are keen to listen to some of the oldest instruments like the conch and the flute can send me email on or for concert related enquiries and  possibilites. This would be also like a promotional tour on a business visit, and hence would be a prelude to a full-fledged performance tour (with accompanists from Chennai) next year. This time, as I am travelling alone, the accompanists would be local. This would be also another opportunity for budding youngsters from USA who would like to get exposed to the diversity of Indian Classical styles and get some accompanying experience too… (this I mention due to two reasons :

1. I have not been performing live concerts in USA for a long time. The last one in an auditorium was at Hindu Temple Atlanta on 26 Jun 1993, (jointly organized by the Nrupatunga Kannada Koota of Atlanta and the Atlanta chapter of the CMANA, as ‘Purandaradas Day’)  and the last chamber music concert was a few days later in the house of Dr Venkat Devarajan of Texas.

2. I do not represent a style which is one of the ‘well-known’  ‘oft-heard’ styles on the flute like the ‘Mali style’ or the ‘Ramani style’…etc, and…. see #3

3. I believe that the diversity in practical manodharma in concerts is something that has to be preserved meaning that ‘everyone who is a flutist need not play the same style’  or ‘everyone who is a vocalist need not sing in the same style or bani or school’  though there is a tendency among youngsters and learners to somehow select and associate themselves to very strong ‘styled’  or ‘baaanied’  schools,  most obviously for ‘marketing’ purposes, ie., so that people easily can say ‘Oh this is your school, – then you must be good, or you can be featured very well ‘ . In my experience many people say ‘ Who is your guru,  Oh, you are not from this style, then we cant feature you’. This is because people find it difficult to actually listen to the music, listen to their heart and say ‘Yes this music is good, may be we should have a concert of this person’  but rather say, ‘Who is this person, where he has performed, why he has not performed in XXX Sabha n YYY slot. So he must be so-so’ .  and this is the reason so much of  mediocre music tend to be performed and heard, because it is much more rare to be an artistic person and say ‘this is my music’ and keep singing it/ playing it even though people may not feature you like a sensation, due to ‘your style’ or ‘your brand’ being not marketed enough !  (assuming it is not marketed enough)

Ultimately it is not the ‘school or style’ that creates the art, but more the ‘art’ that ‘creates’, and art comes from the beyond, – may be aided by the guru and a great bani could help, but ultimately the artiste need to break himself out and expresses himself, otherwise he is a good technician and less of an ‘artiste’.  These are purely my opinions (obviously) and not any comment on anyone’s style or school or learning etc. I have a great respect for all top vidwans especially the elderly ones, and those of the yester-years…  

Currently confirmed concerts 11 th Jun New Jersey and  SivaVishnu Temple Maryland, 26 th Jun 2011

K Bhaskaran……

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