Report about flute classes in Mylapore Times

Report about flute classes in Mylapore Times

Mylapore Times Report Flute Classes for Vijayadashami 2013 – This is my first Vijayadashami without my flute guru – she left us in Aug. Every Vijayadashami in the morning by 9 AM I used to visit her, and get her blessings. This year, I was pleasantly surprised to get a call a few days before Vijayadashami from the local well-known weekly news magazine, asking if I can be photographed with some of my music (flute) students, for the special – especially covering new students also. Thanks to Mylapore Times for including this photo and the write-up. Though I could not manage to get the entire bunch of my flute students assembled at the same time, due to logistics, thanks are due to those who turned up with some of their parents/other family members, to add to the ‘Vijayadashami Celebrations’ at KESAVA, Oliver Road, who also obliged the photographer’s directions and requirements, on sitting, standing, moving, not moving, and playing the flute ! (in addition to my usual instructions as part of the classes, which covers only the last part !)

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